September 19-23, 2022

Get Clarity Over Clutter

During this free, week-long event, we'll nurture your boldest dreams and identify your biggest barriers to determine the fastest path toward freedom from your clutter.


Discover How to Master Your Clutter

in 15 Minutes a Day

If you're like most of my clients, you know you'd like to live without clutter, but you oftentimes feel that clutter has the upper hand. Clutter makes you feel an entire range of feelings from frustrated to embarrassed, and annoyed with the clutter and yourself.

The Clarity Over Clutter Challenge will be a good fit for you if:

  • every time you get things to a manageable level, the clutter comes back
  • you can't decide what to do with your stuff
  • you feel overwhelmed by your clutter
  • you worry that you're going to need the items in the future
  • there is so much clutter that you don't know how you will ever tackle it all
  • you're afraid of making a mess while decluttering
  • you feel paralyzed by the entire clutter situation
  • you don't have enough time or space
  • you've never learned how to let go of what you own
  • your depression and/or your anxiety interfere with your efforts

There are many reasons why clutter feels so daunting and overpowering. The best way to get out of clutter overwhelm is to address the reasons the clutter is there while feeling both powerful and confident.

I'm Dr. Christine Li, and I've spent the past 20+ years helping my clients and students overcome their resistance to change and their fears of what change might bring. In learning these skills and having "a-ha" moments, my clients and students gain not only the abilities they were craving, but also feel like their energy is so high it's going through the roof!

My techniques will enable you to take advantage of your desire to change your habits in the quickest and easiest way possible.

If you want to be done with clutter (really done), you're going to need two things: 1) an understanding of the reasons clutter feels so overpowering, and 2) a simple and effective plan for getting clear from the clutter.

When you join me inside the 5-day Clarity Over Clutter Challenge, you will learn the psychology of both clutter and habit change. You're going to discover the "secret sauce" that will enable you to take control of your physical clutter once and for all.

When you gain clarity over clutter, you'll open up your space and be able to welcome new energy into your life too.

No Stress. 

You'll receive quick 15-minute sessions over in the Clarity Over Clutter Challenge Facebook Group! [You'll be able to watch the replay if you can't attend the sessions live.]

No False Promises.

I'm committed to your well-being and happiness. 

No Risk.

Enjoy this 5-day Challenge without any strings attached. It's 100% free.

Hi There!

I'm Dr. Christine Li, clinical psychologist, Procrastination Coach, and Make Time for Success podcast host with a big mission to help people break free from limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits so they can pursue their most exciting dreams and goals efficiently and with success.

Ready to revamp your space and get energized in the process? (and find your POWER again?!)

Let's connect and take on this challenge together. There's no more need to wait to manage the clutter or other roadblocks in your life -- that just leads to more clutter and stress.

When you start taking directed, purposeful action, even when you've been doubting yourself, you'll be astounded at the results you can achieve. It's time to begin loving your space and living with clarity!